my approach

what to expect from your experience 

“out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and righting there is a field. I’ll meet you there.“ - rumi


i need you to let go of everything you think this is going to be, the expectations, the doubts, and the pressures. take a deep breath and soak it all in. this moment is all there is. whether i’m helping to document you and your loved ones, the everyday, or a pivotal moment in your life; allow yourself to fully feel all emotions, live within the fleeting moments, the everyday, embrace the stillness, the quite, and allow yourself to reveal your natural mannerisms. i will be working to echo your truth. the more you ground and allow yourself to become embodied, to strip away any of the unnecessary preoccupations or worry, the more true these photos will be for you. let it go and let it be. this is where the magic happens.

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i want to capture this moment in your lives and stop time. if for just a moment. these photographs are meant to be an experience, not just another thing to check off your list. these photographs will only increase in value over time as the images get passed down for generations. i’m passionate about capturing couples who believe in the value of meaningful, authentic photographs that will last a lifetime. 


i go in with the intent of showing how it felt to be there. feeling is my guide and i make sure that the way i’m interacting, shooting, and editing is reflective of who my couples are and how things actually felt. thus, my photography style is undefined and varies moment to moment, day by day. thank you for letting me capture you and your experience as felt. 

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we are all connected by one common thread, this thread being the human experience. i strive to capture your experience here on earth at this specific point of time in your life. i strive to capture all that being human encompasses - connection, love and loss, light and dark, raw emotion, forgiveness, vulnerability, and so much more. these photographs are personal, they’re raw, they’re real. how can these photos are a gift to humanity, capturing your unique story within our greater one. 

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